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Black Market Hot Sauce Enters Catering Fray! - Our focus is on the flavor of the sauce, using the freshest high quality ingredients to provide a great taste for your every hot sauce need.
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Black Market Hot Sauce Enters Catering Fray!

Our First Catering Gig

Dan Pike Master Of Ceremonies!

We open this incredible event in a hall that is supposed to fit only 70 seated people with tables but somehow we were able to mash about 100.  Close quarters were a stressful idea but the interior decorating crew did a great job seating everyone pretty comfortably.  It looked amazing as well, floating candles in black water, burlap with our logo atop, and random elephants adorned the tables and the bar.  People began to arrive early, as excited supporters made up of family and friends probably would and appetizers and drinks were served.  Baguettes with olive tapenade and bruschetta salsa started the night off right and began to fill the hungry bellies.

Amber Weg, a marketing specialist at Jansen Art Center, said that the food looked amazing and tasted even better.

Dan Pike's Parents Are Here To Support!

Soon after guests took a seat Dan Pike spoke about how the business was going, the future of the company and introduced the hot sauce that was the star of the show, Noche Habenero.  African peanut soup in a bread bowl was served next by the amazing wait staff that was conned into helping that night for little to no pay.  As the soup was going out the staff downstairs began to cook and plate three types of ravioli, a beet salad and a chicken skewer all the while battling a slowly flooding kitchen due to heavy rain and a less than spectacular drainage system.

Brian Prosser, Black Market’s web guy, was totally bummed he couldn’t go, he did after all have sick children to take care of.  We let him know that he missed an amazing evening!

The night ended with the guests being served a chocolate ice cream with fresh strawberries and peach sorbet with a brownie both by Mallards in Bellingham made with our new hot sauce.  Dan, unfortunately for some, forgot to announce this point and surprised more than a few of our loyal fans.

“I really think the whole night was a success, I can’t express how much it means to me that so many supporters came out and….well, showed their support. Thanks to everyone who helped, we really could not have done it without you.  Until the next one!  P.s. we are doing catering now too,” Dan Pike, owner and operator of Black Market Hot Sauce Company.

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