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Black Market Hot Sauce Tasting Demos All Summer! - Our focus is on the flavor of the sauce, using the freshest high quality ingredients to provide a great taste for your every hot sauce need.
(360) 223-8054

Black Market Hot Sauce Tasting Demos All Summer! 2

Black Market Hot Sauce will be visiting grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest all summer long, bringing the delicious heat and flavor of the Black Market Hot Sauce Basket of goods to you for sampling!  We’ll have our newly launched Chili Garlic Lime Blend there for tasting and sale too.

Here is our schedule as it now stands:

Barkley Haggen, Sat. July 14, 11am-3pm

The Market at Lakeway Sat July 21, Noon-4pm

Ferndale Haggen Sat July 28, 11am-3pm

Fairhaven Haggen Sat August 4, 11am-3pm

Sehome Villiage Haggen Sat, August 11, 11am-3pm

Dan will be there to answer any questions about the sauces or about anything else you want to ask him.  Ok, ask him a strange unrelated question, and I’m sure he’ll give you the answer if he knows, or come up with something random if he doesn’t!  He can be kinda funny that way:D

Our Facebook page has all these events under our events tab too, so you can sign up and have the information in your own page too.

Hope you can make it; we love meeting fans and sharing our Hot Sauces!

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