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Black Market Hot Sauce - Our focus is on the flavor of the sauce, using the freshest high quality ingredients to provide a great taste for your every hot sauce need.
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Black Market Hot Sauce Enters Catering Fray!

We open this incredible event in a hall that is supposed to fit only 70 seated people with tables but somehow we were able to mash about 100. Close quarters were a stressful idea but the interior decorating crew did a great job seating everyone pretty comfortably. It looked amazing as well, floating candles in black water, burlap with our logo atop, and random elephants adorned the tables and the bar. People began to arrive early, as excited supporters made up of family and friends probably would and appetizers and drinks were served. Baguettes with olive tapenade and bruschetta salsa started the night off right and began to fill the hungry bellies. ... more

Black Market Hot Sauce Tasting Demos All Summer!

Come out and try all the Black Market Flavors! ... more

Introducing Chili Garlic Lime Blend of Black Market Hot Sauce!

Delicious New Flavor - Chili Garlic Lime, Red Hot! ... more

A little about Black Market Hot Sauce

Black Market Hot Sauce is all natural, original and full of heat without sacrificing flavor! ... more